• Welcome to WebMaker Philippines!

    Welcome to WebMaker Philippines!

    The web solution and IT solution for the Filipino people.

    Filipino para sa mga Filipino

  • For peace of mind, I recommend WebMaker Philippines!

    For peace of mind, I recommend WebMaker Philippines!

  • At WebMaker Philippines, we don't feel working!

    At WebMaker Philippines, we don't feel working!

    We love what we do!

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WebMaker Philippines is web solution and IT solution for the Filipino People!

WebMaker Philippines (rgrr webmaker) is a business existing under the Philippine law for more than 9 years. It is engaged in the business of web hosting, web development, web design, SSL reseller, software development, systems integration, computer networking, and many more.

WebMaker Philippines have customers all over the Philippines 30% of which is from the government and 70% from the private sector. Though WebMaker Philippines is for the Filipino people it has been growing, and throughout the years have gained customers from other countries.

The mission of WebMaker Philippines is to create jobs and expand its existing community service.

We love our customers, our hotline is available 24/7 to keep in touch with them (042) 323 5559 and 09996540792

From simple updating of your website to the most complicated task, we are with you 24/7. We believe every customer is important!

Extended warranty and continuous support means secure investment.

We DON"T believe in disposable products that are here today and gone tom. You expect your software, systems, network to last the longest time possible; same with us, that is what we expect too.

Dedicated Professionals

Durability is created by skilled professionals with years of experience.

24/7 Technical Support

Both product and service are great only if technical support exist all the time.

Our Services

Web Design (With Branding Consultant)
Web Development (Simple website or complex website)
Web Hosting (Dedicated, Cloud, Shared)
Email Hosting
SEO (Coming soon)

Software Development such as online store, school management system, accounting system, hospital management system etc.
Systems Integration
Custom Software Development - let the software adjust for your needs and not the other way around.
Automatic Backup Solutions (With Military Grade Encryption)
Network Maintenance

Why Choose Us?

Future Ready

Let our wizards reprogram the entire app, software, system, or website to make it compatible with the latest technologies.

Better Security

We have a very effective zero-hack protocol.

Copyright Protection

Copyright Protection to keep your files, data, business, etc. protected.

10 years of experience

Our business is more than 9 years old but our people have more than 10 years of experience.

Better Server

From hardware to software you can be assured of regular security check and update to run your mission critical system.


Our warranty is at least 2 years for each of our work! While on selected services it is lifetime warranty!

Better Privacy

We treat your privacy with utmost respect all the time.

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical support is NOT when available only; it is available all the time.


Our wizards are passionate and dedicated to keep learning and advancing to the latest technologies available.

Advanced Backup

Automatic backup with military grade encryption.

We are one click of a button away